Private Equity Financing

Private money financing is often called SBA fall out as it typically helps those who can’t get approved for conventional SBA financing.  SBA loans have very stringent qualifying requirements, so stringent that nearly 90% of applications are denied.

With Private Money Financing your business doesn’t need to be perfect, nor do you need to supply the extensive documentation that lenders typically demand.   You can get approved with just a quick review of your tax returns, credit, and bank statements.

Unlike conventional financing you don’t need good credit, average credit will suffice to qualify.  You don’t need collateral valued at 100% of what you are borrowing like conventional financing, you can get approved with as little as 20%.

You can secure private money financing without most of the headaches and limitations that are common with conventional business financing.

Powerful Benefits!

Loans from $100,000-20,000,000                                                                No application fees

Get approved with average credit                                                                Low collateral requirements

72 hour pre-approval                                                                                     Rates of 5-18% based on risk

Get approved when banks say “no”                                                             Credit lines and loans available

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