We are dedicated to helping entrepreneurs obtain money and credit to grow whether they’re a new startup business, existing business, or have good or bad personal credit.

We can help you get business credit and financing for your business, as well as create another income stream for your business by helping others get credit and financing for their business.

Our credit and funding solutions help you get business financing and build a business credit score and profile to get even more money with no personal guarantee or credit check.

Our proven system also helps you build business credit by helping get access to a free DUNS number through Dun & Bradstreet, free monitoring of your Experian Smart Business Credit report, and helps to establish credit with all three major business reporting agencies.

We also provide you every tool, resource, and all of the training you will want and need to be successful with building your business credit and financing for your business.

Meet Your Executive Team.

Ray Geraban
Ray GerabanDirector
Ray Geraban has a vast background of over 25 years experience from sales and marketing, corporate trainer and recruiting, creative real estate investing, business structuring, joint ventures, business credit, and finance, to consulting and coaching.

His passion is empowering the underdog. Educating entrepreneurs and business owners as to what is really possible and accessible to them be it business credit or funding, to personal development, to strategizing the most effective and efficient ways to run and operate their business. But his attention to detail in understanding the needs of his clients and providing them with real applicable solutions that often will catapult them and their business to the next level.

Robert Gentry
Robert GentryChief Operation Officer
Robert Gentry brings to Credit Builder Network a magnetic personality of connecting entrepreneurs and business owners alike who truly seek the knowledge of better understanding of the power to leveraging to grow their businesses. His passion and dedication to being of service have always been his forte. Those that have had the opportunity to directly work with him immediately see his coaching and advice are worth its weight in gold. His drive to only provide solution based consulting has attracted many new relationships which further extends our network collaborating with other financial organizations and other industries locally and through other states.

Meet Your Finance Team.

Dex Leonard
Dex LeonardSenior Finance Officer
Dex Leonard comes to us with a long, prosperous history of lending including both the Business and Personal finance space. He successfully managed 5 offices for American General Finance and later became an Area Manager for First NLC Financial Services.

Having funded over a BILLION dollars in his 17-year career, Dex brings the knowledge and experience needed to get things done. His confidence to fund deals comes from his unique ability to understand the picture being painted by the customer and come up with facts and reasoning on how to create the best possible business blueprint for each opportunity.

Dana Enginbous
Dana EnginbousFinance Specialist
Life to me means friends and family who you can trust and who trusts you. Quality time with my three wonderful children and husband is priceless. We enjoy visits to the beach, going to the zoo, horseback riding, and family vacations.

I enjoy working with a great team and being able to help others achieve their goals and dreams.

Suzanne Young
Suzanne YoungFinance Specialist
I have worked with the amazing Finance Team with for a few years. I have seen it grow and do amazing things. I enjoy my job because the finance team is a great group of people that work hard and make me laugh. My husband and I are celebrating 20 years of blissful marriage and we have two teenage kids that love to travel the world with us. My 18-year-old son is living in Africa for 2 years and my daughter is in high school. I love running with friends and enjoy spending time in the mountains and on the beach.

Meet Your Business Credit Team.

Jan Leonardson
Jan LeonardsonBusiness Credit Advisor
I really enjoy being part of the amazing team and helping our clients succeed! Providing excellent customer service is very important to me, and we take great pride in providing that to our clients and our team. I have worked in finance and credit for many years and makes me happy to help people succeed with their goals. I Enjoy spending time with my family and friends. Love seeing the sunshine.
Alison Anderson
Alison AndersonBusiness Credit Advisor
I live in Las Vegas, NV with my husband and three children. I love the outdoors, to bake delicious treats, and running. I recently ran 2 full marathons, keeping me pretty busy! I truly love to help people in all aspects of life whether it is my friends and family or assisting clients in building business credit. Working on the Advising Team I’m able to help lead people to success in business, making it truly satisfying to work with the team.
Skip Monahan
Skip MonahanBusiness Credit Advisor
My name is Skip Monahan and I love my job. I have been married to Kathy, who is also an advisor on our team, for 30+ years. We have been blessed with four children, who have grown to be successful adults of whom we are very proud.

We also have four grandchildren. The two older granddaughters live in Texas. The two youngest, Isabel and Beaumont, are 7-year-old twins. Both are non-verbal autistic. They bring a great joy by watching them continue to grow and learn new things, just in their own way.

I fell our clients deserve only the best in customer service and we strive to exceed their expectations.

Meet Your Sales & Support Team.

Bob Corbett
Bob CorbettSales and Support
I have an amazing family I’ve been married to my incredible wife Donna for 20 years with 2 teenage daughters one in high school Megan one in nursing school Emily I get the most pleasure from simply hanging out with my girls I also enjoy collecting guitars and riding motorcycles. What I love most about being a part of this amazing company is that every day we have the ability to change our client’s lives and help them grow very successful businesses. I have never had an opportunity I enjoy more, I will probably be here for life.
Lane Mugleston
Lane MuglestonSales and Support
I’ve been in the Business Credit arena for 8+ years and still loving it! I live by the principle that, “To be successful in business you need to first Create True Value and the Dollars will follow”. As you Perceive and Believe in your goals…you can surely will Achieve them.
Eric Acevedo
Eric AcevedoSales and Support
I am married to My lovely wife Maureen for 28 years. I was born in the Bronx and raised in Brooklyn and am an avid NY Yankees fan. I love fishing and try to fish every weekend. My wife & I also thoroughly enjoy helping and mentoring young people.

I especially love my job because it gives me a chance to help business owners in obtaining business credit, in order to grow their business with a personal guarantee. When I owned my business I wish someone would have told me about how easy building business credit and getting funding really is! I also love helping our clients succeed in their businesses.

David White
David WhiteSales and Support
I come to the team with an extensive background in the Sales and Customer Service industries. I currently oversee Business Development efforts, including broadening our network of Direct Lenders and focusing on high volume lead generation.

I find joy every day in being able to discover the needs of business owners of all sizes and getting them connected with the products and services that literally change their lives and the lives of their families and those whom they work with.

Kathy Monahan
Kathy MonahanSales and Support
I am the mother of four and the Mimi of four. I had these children over three decades. The 70’s, 80’s and 90’s. Spending time with them is my favorite thing to do. I was born and raised in Dallas, Texas. I have bowled on the same league for a little over 20 years, still with an average of 134. We bowl for fun on our league and handicaps are great.

I love working with the team. We all have the same goal and that is to provide the very best in customer service. The outstanding products that we offer deserve our attention to detail. By coaching and educating our clients, they enjoy the full benefits of these programs. It is a pleasure to be able to assist them in reaching their goals and watching them succeed.

Kaylee Turley
Kaylee TurleySales and Support
I live in Spokane Washington with my husband and three large dogs, Gus, Sophie and Napoleon. I enjoy hiking, boating, trying new foods and working with the wonderful Advising team and assisting our client’s obtain the business credit and funding they need.